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The 2017 New York Mets: Nagging injuries wear down the town they thought they could steal

The 2017 New York Mets started filled with high expectations. After reaching the postseason for two consecutive seasons, the team expected to continue the trend with the healthy young arms from the starting rotation that the general manager boasted about for years. With the exception of Jacob deGrom, each of the young Mets starters missed multiple starts, misdiagnosed injuries and later found themselves on the disabled list.

The 2016 MLB Season at Citi Field

The New York Mets opened the 2016 season as the defending National League champions at home with a 7-2 victory over the Philadelphia Phillies. The season started slowly, but the Mets picked up momentum in late April and early May, going 17-6 in one stretch with the offense clicking on all cylinders. But injuries to key starting players David Wright and Lucas Duda caught up with the team in June, and the Mets found themselves hovering six games above .500 at the All-Star break as the offense struggled.
Matt Harvey’s inconsistencies were a big question from the beginning of season. He was placed on the 15-day disabled list with shoulder pain on July 4 and later opted to have season-ending surgery to resolve a condition called thoracic outlet syndrome. He finished the year 4-10, with a 4.86 ERA.
The Mets acquired Reds slugger Jay Bruce at the trade deadline for top 2B prospect Dilson Herrera. But the Bruce pickup was not quite as impactful as the Yoenis Céspedes acquisition the year before: Bruce totaled just eight home runs and 19 RBI in 50 games as a Met. The Mets did get a spark out of former star José Reyes, who was brought in to fill the void at 3B and in the leadoff spot. But in late August, they fell two games under .500, third place in the division and 2 1/2 games out of the wildcard.
The Mets finished the last 40 games 27-13 despite losing 2B Neil Walker and starting pitchers Jacob DeGrom and Steven Matz to the injury bug. They clinched the first wildcard spot on the second-to-last game of the season only to lose the wildcard game at Citi Field to the Giants and Madison Bumgarner.

Asses in the way

When photographing an event, you wait for that one great moment to capture on the camera. Whether it be a second baseman going airborne in an amazing double play or a player hitting a game winning home run and being mobbed at home plate at teammates. Then it happens and you get a clear shot, suddenly somebody on the field walks right in front of your line of sight destroying that moment.

Top Prospects of New York Mets in 2014

Coming to a major league ball park near you very soon. The top prospects of the New York Mets for 2014 according MLB and photographed by Gordon Donovan. I visited the Las Vegas 51’s for four games and then Savannah for a few games in cold and wet Lakewood. Binghamton is a frequent destination as well as Brooklyn.

To be eligible for a list, a player must have rookie eligibility. To qualify for rookie status, a player must not have exceeded 130 at-bats or 50 innings pitched in the Major Leagues, or accumulated more than 45 days on the active roster of a Major League club or clubs during the 25-player limit period, excluding time on the disabled list or in military service.

Noah Syndergaard

Las Vegas 51s starting pitcher Noah Syndergaard (50) throws in the first inning of a baseball game against the Fresno Grizzlies at Chukchansi Park, Monday, April 14, 2014, in Fresno. (Gordon Donovan)

All-Star Game Apples on Parade

A hunt for the MLB 2013 All-Star Game Apple statues around New York City. See how I have fared so far on the hottest week of the year so far.

Apple #1 is the Arizona Diamondbacks. Located in Modell's: 1293 Broadway @ 34th Street. Say hello to security guard from Ghana. (Gordon Donovan) Apple #2. Atlanta Braves, TBS: Time Warner Center - Columbus Circle. This was one of the most congested areas to shoot with apple behind taped area. (Gordon Donovan) Apple #3 is the Baltimore Orioles. Located in Chelsea Market: 75 9th Avenue btwn 15th and 16th Street. MLB has offices at this location. Orioles apple was outside a liquor store. (Gordon Donovan)
Apple #4 belongs to the Boston Red Sox. The apple is located in Party City: 223 West 34th Street btwn 7th and 8th Avenues. More fitting two seasons ago when team members drank beer and played video games in clubhouse. (Gordon Donovan) Apple #5 is the Chicago Cubs. Staybridge Suites: 340 West 40th Street btwn 8th and 9th Avenues. Why there? Don't know. Maybe 1908 Broadway would of been better. (Gordon Donovan) Apple #6. Chicago White Sox, Toys
Apple #7 is the Cincinnati Reds. Located on the street level of Modell's: 607 Sixth Avenue @ 18th Street. The Big Red Machine is next to escalators in Models. (Gordon Donovan) Apple #8. Cleveland Indians, Topps: 1 Whitehall Street @ Bridge Street. If you go to shoot this apple, weekends in early morning. Lighting was bad in midday. (Gordon Donovan) Apple #9. Colorado Rockies, World Financial Center: 200 Liberty Street @ West Street. Strange place for this apple. Why not a Timberland Store or Coors Beer outlet? (Gordon Donovan)
Apple #10 is the Detroit Tigers, located inside the Duane Reade: 1657 Broadway btwn 51st and 52nd Streets. Party City next to the candy would of been a better choice to honor stars Miguel Cabrerra and Prince Fielder. (Gordon Donovan)
Apple #11. Houston Astros, Westin: 212 East 42nd Street btwn 2nd and 3rd Avenues. No room to shoot and too many lights. Bring a towel to cover floor lamps. (Gordon Donovan) Apple #12 is for the Kansas City Royals. Located outside FOX News Network on Avenue of Americas. I  was told I cannot take photos on property or George Brett would come running out screaming. (Gordon Donovan)
Apple #13 is for the Los Angeles Angels. Located in Bed Bath and Beyond: 410 East 61st Street @ 1st Avenue. Will Farrell was on his way to Home Dept after picking up something here. (Gordon Donovan) Apple #14. Los Angeles Dodgers, T-Mobile: 322 West 125th Street @ 8th Avenue. Dodgers in Harlem? Not sure about this one. People were nice in store. (Gordon Donovan) Apple #15. Miami Marlins, Grace Building: West 43rd Street @ 6th Avenue. Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria is planning to buy and sell off pieces of Marlins apple. (Gordon Donovan)
Apple #16 is the Milwaukee Brewers. Outside the Office of the Commissioner: 245 Park Avenue @ 46th Street. Great looking apple made me hungry for polish food. Commish is former owner of Brew Crew. (Gordon Donovan) Apple #17 is the Minnesota Twins located in Best Buy: 1 Union Square South @ 14th Street. Maybe the bar called Twins across from B&H on 9th Avenue would of been a better location if they were a sponsor of MLB. (Gordon Donovan) Apple #18. The New York Mets, outside the SNY Studios in Rockefeller Center across from Radio City Music Hall. Lets Go Mets! (Gordon Donovan)
Apple #19. New York Yankees, Modell's: 234 West 42nd Street btwn 7th and 8th Avenues. As you walked in a store employee was giving out ASG ballots and showing people how to vote for David Wright. (Gordon Donovan) Apple #20. Oakland Athletics, Modell's: 795 Columbus Ave. @ 98th Street. The map was wrong on MLB site, you could get killed on 100th Street showing off a nice camera. (Gordon Donovan) Apple #21 is the Philadelphia Phillies located in Party City: 38 West 14th Street btwn 5th and 6th Avenues. The apple is surrounded by a column and boxes of candy. Could not get a good shot of the Phillie Phantic. (Gordon Donovan)
Apple #22 is the Pittsburgh Pirates. Located outside Niketown: 6 East 57th St btwn Madison and 5th Avenues. Wasn't hard this day to get a few shots off midday in midtown. (Gordon Donovan) Apple #23 is the San Diego Padres. Located downstairs in Sony: 550 Madison Ave btwn 55th and 56th Streets. Right where all the playstation games are being played. I did not play or look at one. Seven years without a video game.  (Gordon Donovan) Apple 24. San Francisco Giants located in the Tommy Bahama: 551 5th Ave @ 45th Street.  I don't think anyone in San Francisco owns a Tommy Bahama shirt. (Gordon Donovan)
Apple #25. Seattle Mariners, Nintendo: 10 Rockefeller Plaza @ 48th Street. Easy to get shot despite all the tourists, early morning after Today is over. (Gordon Donovan) Apple #26. St. Louis Cardinals, inside Buy Buy Baby: 270 7th Ave btwn 26th and 25th Streets. The Cardinals hit a lot of homers and their broadcasters scream, Apple #27. Tampa Rays at Madison Avenue and 26th Street. This apple was suppose to be on 42nd and Park Avenue inside Modells. Instead it was moved to Madison Square Park. (Gordon Donovan)
Apple #28. Texas Rangers, Zuccotti Park: 1 Liberty Plaza btwn Broadway & Church Street. George W. Bush was once owner of the Rangers and here is where the Wall Street protests took place. Hmmm, thanks for that David. (Gordon Donovan) Apple #29 is the Toronto Blue Jays. Located outside the Intercontinental: 111 East 48th Street @ Lexington Avenue. There's an A-Rod joke here if it was the Yankees. (Gordon Donovan) Apple #30. Washington Nationals, Intrepid Museum: 1 Intrepid Square @ West 46th Street. Pain to get to for me. Harvey's Better! (Gordon Donovan)
Apple #31.  MLB All-Star Game at Citi Field: 123-01 Roosevelt Ave @ 126th Street. Home of the New York Metropolitans and this years All-Star Game. (Gordon Donovan) Apple #32. American League Apple - located at the NY Public Library - 5th Avenue @ 41st Street. That's Patience in the background. Apple #33. National League Apple - located at the NY Public Library - 5th Avenue @ 41st Street. That's Fortitude in the background. (Gordon Donovan)
Apple #34 is for the Brooklyn Dodgers inside Grand Central Terminal @ 42nd Street, on the west side of the concourse. They should have found a place for this somewhere in Brooklyn. Perhaps Pacific Street hub or at MCU Park. (Gordon Donovan) Apple #35 is for the old New York Giants inside Grand Central Terminal @ 42nd Street, on the east side of the concourse. Why on the east side? Since they went west after the 1957 season. Should of been on 125th Street. Giants played 30 blocks away 56 years ago. (Gordon Donovan) The Home Run Apple outside of Citi Field, home of the 2013 All-Star Game. (Gordon Donovan)

Photos taken June 21-26, 2013 using a Canon EOS-1D Mark IV Digital SLR with a EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM Standard Zoom Lens and iPhone for twitting.

Ballpark Roadtrip : Citi Field

Every year I enjoy traveling on vacation to see a ballpark I never visited. Due to the economy, my distaste my flying and rental car costs, gas prices and sleeping in strange places (I can never sleep on the road). I decided to stay local and visit some ballparks only a short bus ride away so I could be home that same day.