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Sojourn back to the landscapes and wildlife of Namibia

Sojourn back to the landscapes and wildlife of Namibia

Behind the shots: Wildlife photography in Namibia

Catching unforgettable images of majestic animals on their home turf on the African continent is a challenge even for a veteran with endless patience and a great eye. Watch Yahoo News Photo Editor Gordon Donovan describe the ups and downs of his latest photographic adventure in Namibia, and listen to his candid stories explaining how he managed to snag his captivating shots.

Seals make this beach ‘the smelliest place on Earth’

In a recent trip to Namibia, photographer Gordon Donovan visited Cape Cross in the Skeleton Coast, the home of the largest colonies of Cape fur seals in the world. It is nicknamed “the Smelliest Place on Earth.” After checking in with Namibian park officials and paying the minimum fee, he drove to the coastal headland. As he stepped out of the vehicle, the smell of the ocean, seals and dead animals filled the air. It was not sunny, and only 15 degrees Celsius (59 Fahrenheit), so the smell was not as overwhelming as he had been led to believe it would be — or at least, not today.

A photographic tour of Namibia

Over two weeks, photographer Gordon Donovan traveled across nearly 4,000 kilometers of deserts, grasslands and mountains throughout Namibia … alone.

Armed with only two camera bodies and an assortment of lenses, he trekked up the Skeleton Coast to see shipwrecks and a seal colony at Cape Cross. He turned inland toward the rustic hills of Damaraland, where wild animals roam free outside the Palmwag nature reserve. Several times, he had to sign waivers acknowledging the risk of being eaten alive.

The final nine days of his journey were a one-man road trip through the vast landscapes of Etosha National Park, where Donovan was able to capture the region’s thriving wildlife and natural beauty.

Okonjima Game Reserve: Day 2

Day two of Gordon Donovan’s journey to the Okonjima Game Reserve. My final drive at the Okonjima Game Reserve and day in Namibia. Then begins the journey home that will take 29 hours altogether.

Okonjima Game Reserve: Day 1

The final days of Gordon Donovan’s journey back to Namibia. Leaving Etosha I headed towards the Okonjima Game Reserve, home of the Africat Foundation. Hopefully I would be able hold and feed a baby cheetah.

Namutoni: Day 9 at Etosha National Park

Day nine of Gordon Donovan’s journey back to Namibia’s Etosha National Park. It’s time to start heading back towards civilization even though I don’t want to leave.

Namutoni: Day 8 at Etosha National Park

Day eight of Gordon Donovan’s journey back to Namibia’s Etosha National Park. My first full day out of the Namutoni Camp. Lets see if my fortunes continue.

Namutoni: Day 7 at Etosha National Park

Day seven of Gordon Donovan’s journey back to Namibia’s Etosha National Park. Not having much success at the Halai Camp, I headed west to find predators in the open plains back at Okaukuejo.