Mock pages created for 2010 elections consisting five landing pages and 50 states and territory pages. The maps were made in Flash and required me to add links and preset color palettes. A homepage navigation module and widgets for affiliates were made for primary and midterm elections. Photo research was extensive searching for images of candidates running for house seats and other offices. Renaming files according to the programmers required naming convention for wire feeds. Pages required hours of working with developers to great pages to look like mocks approved by the product manager.

Elections Politics Door
Mock Page2010 Elections Politics Door
Election Center
Live on CBSNews.com2010 Election Center
Elections Senate Page
Live on CBSNews.com2010 Elections Senate Page
Elections House Page
Live on CBSNews.com2010 Elections House Page
Elections Governor Page
Live on CBSNews.com2010 Elections Governor Page
Elections State Page
Live on CBSNews.com2010 Elections State Page
Elections Country Results
Live on CBSNews.com2010 Elections Country Results
Elections Exit Poll
Live on CBSNews.com2010 Elections Exit Poll
Elections Affiliates Widget

2010 Elections Affiliates Widget

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