Infographics created for original pieces on Yahoo News.

Mass Shootings
Mass shootings maps for breaking news stories and social media.

Ebola virus facts – Spread of ebola outbreak: In AFRICA & abroad See slideshow »

Battleground South Carolina

Battleground South Carolina made for story and social media in 2016.

How Nancy Pelosi got Senate Democrats to write huge checks to the party

Over the past five election cycles, Democratic senators have given to their party campaign committee at a much higher clip than Senate Republicans have to their own conference’s political arm. See story »

Weapons of War for “The Army’s killer drones: How a secretive special ops unit decimated ISIS” Read Story »

Speed Quotes

So if a driver is going 20 miles an hour upon impact, the pedestrian has an 85 percent of surviving. If that same car is going 40 miles per hour, the survival chance drops to 5 percent. The speed limit on most New York City streets, as on so many urban roadways across the country, is 30 mph (which gives the pedestrian a 50-50 chance. See story «

White House Shakeups used for social and recurring originals. See Story »

Obama vacation days

Obama’s vacations and golf outings, by the numbers. See story »

Revealed: The U.S. military's 36 code-named operations in Africa
Revealed: The U.S. military’s 36 code-named operations in Africa
Between 2013 and 2017, U.S. special operations forces saw combat in at least 13 African countries, according to retired Army Brig. Gen. Don Bolduc, who served at U.S. See story »

missing equipment

Yahoo News found that local police departments like Palestine’s have been suspended from the Pentagon 1033 program for misplacing at least 14 M16 assault rifles, 11 M14 assault rifles, 21 pistols and 10 shotguns. See story »

political donors

In 2010, a group of political veterans who said they were tired of the extreme partisanship paralyzing Washington created an organization to advance their new cause. See story »

Syria braces for tough response from the West
Foreign forces and bases in the Mediterranean and Middle East and selected Syrian military equipment

Forty-five years ago, the medical establishment in America grasped the severe psychological injury that soldiers could sustain from exposure to the violence of war. We are just now starting to understand that the same is true of residents of violent urban neighborhoods, and that their trauma is both a public health and a public safety issue. See Story »

How a team of doctors at one hospital boosted hand washing, cut infections and created a culture of safety. See story »