A collection of breaking news interactives and photo sliders that have survived workarounds of the Yahoo Paranoids and changes in CMS over years at Yahoo News.

9/11: Then and now — 18 years later

Each August and September, as summer fades into fall, Yahoo News photographer Gordon Donovan finds himself in a familiar spot — snapping images in the area where the 9/11 terrorist attacks took place.

“I do it because I love the city, the history of the city and how we’re not going to be put down,” explained Donovan, who was born and raised on Staten Island and watched the twin towers being built from across the harbor.

But his photos aren’t random shots of the evolving downtown landscape. He returns to document the exact scenes of many memorable images taken by photojournalists that awful day in 2001.

Guide to the Trump impeachment inquiry: The key players

The Guide to ImpeachmentAs the drama in Washington unfolds, and a large cast of characters makes its way to the impeachment inquiry stage, keeping track of who is testifying during the public hearings and whom they are talking about is already getting complicated.

One day their names may go down in history alongside John Ehrlichman, H.R. Haldeman, John Dean and Monica Lewinsky, but for now they are new — and also, complicating matters, some of them are Ukrainian.

In order to keep track of an ever-expanding list, Yahoo News has put together a roundup of the major (and particularly interesting minor) players and what is known about their roles.

Hurricane Sandy on Staten Island: Then and now

It’s been nearly six years since Hurricane Sandy descended on the New York borough of Staten Island. The storm killed 43 people in the city; 23 of those deaths occurred on Staten Island. Ten people died on the east-central coast of the island. The storm surge also destroyed neighborhoods across the island.

Over the years, some Staten Islanders have rebuilt their homes and reinvested in their communities, returning to a sense of normalcy. Yahoo News recently returned to various sites that were photographed in the immediate aftermath of the storm. These side-by-side images show the burden Staten island carried but also the borough’s resiliency.

16 in 2016: The people, places and moments that shaped a shocking election

The 2016 presidential campaign began, in the minds of many of its participants, on Inauguration Day 2013. It got officially underway in November 2014 with the formation of an exploratory committee by Virginia Sen. Jim Webb.

It involved 22 debates, not counting the “kiddie tables” for the second-tier Republican candidates, and not one but two Super Tuesdays (March 1 and 15). It wound its way through Laredo, Texas, Mexico City, and Aberdeen, Scotland, as well as every hamlet and crossroads in Iowa and New Hampshire.

It drew in some two dozen major-party candidates, including both Cuban-American U.S. senators, an Indian-American governor of a Deep South state, an African-American surgeon, a Jewish socialist from Vermont and the brother and wife of former presidents, not to mention a certain billionaire businessman and reality TV star.

And it enlisted countless ordinary citizens who were thrust onto the national stage — literally, at the two national conventions — to play supporting roles in the ongoing melodrama of American democracy.

Then and now: One year after devastating Paradise, Calif., wildfire

It has been one year since the Camp Fire ripped through the town of Paradise, Calif., charring over 150,000 acres, killing 85 people and destroying more than 18,000 homes and businesses.

After the fire, which was the deadliest in state history, the population of the town fell from roughly 26,000 residents to just over 2,000 and left many who still lived in nearby communities wondering how safe they really are.

Where They Stand

Amid all the mudslinging and maneuvering, the hype and the histrionics, it’s easy to forget what a presidential campaign is really about: the issues. Yahoo Politics is here to help. From now until Election Day, we’ll be keeping track of where every candidate stands on the topics that matter most.


Delegate scorecard

As the primaries progress, the Democratic and Republican nomination will be decided by which candidate totals up the largest number of awarded state delegates from each caucus or primary vote.

The complete delegate counts are listed below and updated frequently after each primary or caucus date. Each party has its own set of rules governing the number of delegates.

Who’s who in trial for Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

Nearly two years after a pair of bombs killed three people and injured nearly 300 near the finish line of the 2013 Boston Marathon, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the surviving suspect in the attacks, is finally set to get his day in court.
Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, now 21, faces the death penalty if convicted of planting two pressure cooker bombs near the finishing line of the race that left three people dead and 264 others injured.

The highly anticipated trial might finally reveal some of the lingering mystery about how Tsarnaev and his older brother Tamerlan, who was killed while on the run from police, allegedly came to commit such a terrible crime.
But it’s not just Tsarnaev under the spotlight. His family and friends have all come under scrutiny since the bombings. His defence team is expected to cite Tsarnaev’s troubled family history as they try to save him from the death penalty.

Several of his closest friends who face legal problems of their own are expected to testify against him at trial, while another associate sits in jail, entangled in the murky web of the Boston plot. Here’s a look at the family, friends and associates of Tsarnaev who could come up in the trial—including the prominent attorney trying to save his life.