Animated video using text and still photography generated with publish generating tool. The one minute slicks were used for social media.

Stunning aerial landscape shots look like abstract works of art

These stunning shots may look like abstract works of art, but they are actually aerial photographs of some of nature's most intriguing landscapes.

Food fight: Three feisty lions tussle over kill

These fierce lions decided to take the term food fight quite literally, as three of them violently tussled over their prey in a screen of dust. Captured by Gordon Donovan in Etosha National Park, Namibia, Africa, the images show the cloud of dirt flying as three lions came together over a springbok carcass.

Bringing to life abstract patterns in Hong Kong's dense concrete jungle

This beautiful project brings to life the dense beauty of Hong Kong's concrete jungle - making its buildings look like abstract works of art. The images by Toby Harriman were able to capture for his project.

Amazing ice caves of Iceland

This photographers’ incredible images bring ice caves to life, with vibrant light illuminating the interiors of the gigantic caverns. Peter Svoboda’s work looks to capture the mystic of the world beneath the glacier, with many of the photographer’s shots looking almost otherworldly.

Mice and cosy – mice nestled in tulips

These adorable pictures of mice hiding inside colorful tulips are sure to melt your heart. This a-mice-ing new collection of images were taken in Bournemouth by 54-year-old Professional Photographer, Miles Herbert, during spring 2019. 

Animals under the stars

Starry eyed surprise! stunning shots capture animals reflected in water under twinkling night sky.