Yahoo News: Graphic Packages

Designed graphics for Yahoo News special features which included front page, story and social images for 64 Hours in October, 16 in 2016 The Last 100 Days, Weed & the American Family, 2016 The Choice and The Unabomber letters: A Yahoo News special report.


The Unabomber letters: A Yahoo News special report


The design assets for 64 Hours In October: How One Weekend Blew Up The Rules Of American Politics package on Yahoo News.

Banner for Hurricane Sandy one year anniversary

Banners for Hurricane Sandy one year anniversary

Pope Francis

Banners for President Barack Obama's visit with Pope Francis at the Vatican


The design assets for "Weed and the American Family" package on Yahoo News.

Inside Guantanamo

Banners for Yahoo News feature Inside Guantanamo

Solutions Revolution

Banners for Yahoo News Special Features page Solutions Revolution


Assets for stories and social media of the Yahoo New original package "16 in 2016"


Banner art for President Barack Obama's healthcare plan

Uniquely Nasty

Banners art for Uniquely Nasty


Banner and assets for President Obama's "The Last 100 Days"


Banners for The Fight Against Violent Extremism

tracking the Ebola Outbreak

Banners for Tracking the Ebola Outbreak

When Presidents Lead

When Presidents Lead package for Yahoo News

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Ballpark RoadtripsInteractive Photography

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